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Describe a famous person – IELTS speaking

Bài viết 1

    Today I would like to describe a person who does very well at work, and that is no other than Ms. My Tam, a very famous singer in Vietnam. Of all the celebrities, My Tam has always been beacon of light not just for her fame but also for her great passion for the work that she has committed to. 

    The first time got to know My Tam was, like, 10 years ago when I came across her albums in a music store near my house. Her smoldering eye makeup and iconic hairstyle instantly got into my heart, and you know what’s better than that? her amazing mezzo-soprano voice. I instantly got hooked on her voice upon hearing it played in the music store. 

    Besides her angelic voice, My Tam is also known for her dedication to her work. She once told the press that she loves her job, and she said that she was willing to be a singer for the rest of her life without getting married, which was quite a statement and made the headline for weeks to come at that particular time. Well you know, I always look up to any well-known public figures who were able to devote all aspects of their lives to their line of work. My Tam struck at people’s heartcore by delivering down-to-earth music that inspired thousands of audiences regard- less of ages, genders or social status, she was also known for her tireless charity work. She was such a busy-bee that sometimes she did not care about herself. At one time, she dropped everything to sing live in the concert held by the disadvantaged and donated a huge sum of money for them. She is, by all means, the greatest woman that I have ever seen.

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Vocab highlights:

– A beacon of light (n.p): ngọn hải đăng

– Come across: tình cờ thấy

– Smoldering (adj): chảy bỏng, nồng nàn

– Get hooked on: bị nghiện

– Mezzo-soprano (n): giọng nữ trung

– dedication (n) sự tận tụy

– Make the headline (idiom): trở thành tiêu đề nóng

– Public figure (n): người của công chúng

– Struck at people’s heartcore: lay động con tim mọi người

– Down -to -earth (adj): gần gũi

– Busy-bee (n): người bận rộn, chăm chỉ

Bài viết 2

    The person I would like to meet is Taylor Swift who is a country music singer

Hay Well, I’m very much interested in and like to meet but to day I’m going to talk about Taylor Swift who is a country music singer.

hoặc để nói dài hơn:

    In my to-meet list, there are so many famous person who I’m very much interested in and dream to meet. The person I would like to talk today, she’s a country music singer, Taylor Swift.

Đến phần thân bài, bạn giải thích vì sao bạn yêu mến và mong muốn gặp người đó, những ví dụ bổ sung. Đây là Reason – Example.

   I could start off by saying that she is just impeccable. She is not only a popular singer but also a talented song writer.

   Well, with a sweet and amazing voice, she is the first female artist has won Grammy Award for Album Of The Year twice, which is extremely prestigious and noble.

    In addition to a singer, she is renowned as a musician with an innate ability. She always loves writing songs about her own life. Perhaps, for this reason, her songs are so inspiring and vivid, which always cheer me up whenever I feel down in the dumps.

   And I shouldn’t forget to mention that all the time, she looks gorgeous like an angel in dresses, which helps her earn the title “The princess of the country music”.

   Something else I need to comment on is that she is very kind-hearted and sympathetic. You know, she founded a charitable organization which raises funds to support poor children in the third world.

Cuối cùng, kết luận Conclusion:

   You know, properly I can never forget a compliment on her personality in a magazine, which said that: “Swift radiates her kindness wherever she goes”. That’s all I can say about my beloved idol.

Một số từ vựng nổi bật:

– Impeccable = perfect = flawless: Hoàn hảo

E.g: Her written English is impeccable.

– Prestigious and noble: Danh giá và ưu tú

E.g: Foreign Trade University is a prestigious and noble university.

– Renowned = famous for

E.g: It is renowned as one of the region’s best restaurants.

– Innate ability (of a quality, feeling, etc.): that you have when you are born

E.g: Many children seem to have an innate sense of justice.

– Cheer me up: to become more cheerful

E.g: Give Mary a call; she needs cheering up.

– Down in the dumps (idioms): feeling unhappy

E.g: He’d been down in the dumps since his girlfriend left him.

– Earn/get/receive the title: Đạt danh hiệu

E.g: About 10 years ago, Justin Bieber got the title as “Prince of pop”.

– Kind-hearted: to spend a lot of time in a place or with someone

E.g: I love him because he’s a kind-hearted person.

– Sympathetic: Cảm thông

E.g: I did not feel at all sympathetic towards Kate.

– The Third World

   A way of referring to the poor or developing countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America, which is sometimes considered offensive

E.g: The causes of poverty and injustice in the Third World

– Compliment on: Lời khen

E.g: I have to compliment you on this dinner you made—it’s just delicious!

– Radiate: Lan tỏa

E.g: You could see the happiness radiating from Sally after she heard the news.

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