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Sir Isaac Newton the english scientist and mathematician was one of the most important figures

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each the numbered blanks.

Sir Isaac Newton, the English scientist and mathematician, was one of the most important figures of the 17th century scientific revolution. One of his (1) _______ was the discovery of the three laws of motion, which are still (2) _______  today. But he also had a very unusual personality. Some people would (3) _______   he was actually insane.
His father died before he was born, and his mother soon remarried. The young Isaac hated his stepfather so much that he once (4) _______ to burn his house down – when his stepfather and mother were still inside! Fortunately he did not, and he (5) _______  on to graduate from Cambridge without being thrown into prison.
Isaac’s first (6) _______  work was a theory of light and color. When another scientist wrote a paper criticizing this theory, Isaac flew (7) _______  an uncontrollable rage. The scientist responsible for the criticism was a man called Robert Hooke. He was head of the Royal Society, and one of the most respected scientists in the country. (8) _______, this made no difference to Isaac, who refused to speak to him for over a year.
The simple fact was that Isaac found it impossible to have a calm discussion with anyone. As soon as someone said something that he (9) _______  with, he would lose his (10) _______. For this reason he lived a large part of his life isolated from (30) _______ scientists. It is (11) _______  that many of them complained.


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A. prizes B. aims C. goals D. achievements


A. forced B. used  C. obeyed D. done


A. tell B. speak C. asked D. say


A. shouted B. frightened C. threatened D. warned


A. went B. came C. carried D. ran


A. displayed B. released C. shown D. published


A. into B. out C. to D. off


A. Although B. However C. Despite D. What is more


A. argued B. disagreed C. disliked D. annoyed


A. anger B. mood C. character D. temper


A. like B. unlike C. likely D. unlikely

(Note: The correct word is bold)

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